Challenging and Reforging Manhood

" Be a Man" ...."Don't cry .... Suck it up Princess ... Don't be a Mummy's boy" 
​"Boys will be boys ... It's only locker room talk ..."​
What does being a man mean to you ??? 
Who shaped your perception of manhood?
How is your perception of manhood shaping your life? 

Through his I Respect trainings, internationally published book - How a Boy Becomes a Man, coaching, mentoring, men's groups, workshops and keynote speaking Mark invites boys and men to step up and take responsibility in their lives to reforge what it means to be a man. 

 "The only person in the world I can change is me and the only person in the world I should try and change is me" 

Mark presents how our society, including women and children, may be suffering as many men struggle to discover their authentic identity and purpose of what it means to be a man. For many a lack of mentor guidance and resulting masculine myths are at the heart of this confusion.

Mark tackles men's health head on, suggesting that there is great hope in reconnecting boys and men with a more authentic definition of masculinity. Celebrating manhood and the responsibility that comes with it. So that they can be taught to take a stand for gender equality, to be accountable, to accept responsibility  and to connect with a deeper sense of purpose and service.

To " BE a Man" ...if together we can change the meaning of these words...then together we can have a real impact on many social ills facing our community including gender inequality, violence, sexual harassment, abuse, depression, addiction and ​suicide. By reigniting the brilliance that lies in the heart of every man, Mark inspires men to step up into being incredible fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, partners, mentors and mates.

Over the past decade Mark has coached and mentored professional athletes, politicians, executives, business owners and men from all walks of life. He has also had the privilege to be a speaker and run workshops for various government departments, emergency services , business groups, schools, community organisations, The Red Cross,  Pharmacy Guild and The NRL where he was asked to be an expert advisor on a potential Rites of Passage Program.

Mark is currently training business leaders, ​coaches and ​educators via his I Respect Initiative that provides facilitation skills training​ and ​programs that engage and inspire boys and men to support and hold each other to account to put an end to gender violence and inequality.

Mark is also a regular guest on The Grandstand Program with Tim Gavel on ABC Radio Canberra on Saturdays.
 Grandstand with Tim Gavel - Click here to listen 
To raise awareness, inspire and advise on the extremely important role that coaches can and do play in leading boys into becoming responsible and accountable men both on and off the field, as offered in Mark's one day 
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